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January 1


Verne Troyer, Pierre De Coubertin

Our Children


January 2

Deliver Me

Bryson Tiller

Depression is something we reach out and towards


January 3

The Loved One

INXS 1987 Olympic Park Scheduled 3rd and moved to 4th -


January 4

Just Keep Walking

INXS Lismore, NSW 1984. Phil Lynott

Suicidation and Impulsiveness.


January 5


Bradley Cooper. Marilyn Manson. Deadmau5


January 6

Fade To Black

Jake Edwards, Syd Barrett


January 7

Jesus Was A Man

Orthodox Christmas

Purpose of Jesus as a historical figure and the postitive effect on humanity.


January 8

Roadhouse Blues

Robbie Kruiger


January 9

Diamonds And Rust 2.0

Sean Paul, Joan Baez


January 10


David Bowie


January 11

I Will Always Love You

Whitney Houston - Chris Cornell


January 12

Roller Skating

Zayn Malik


January 13




January 14


Dave Grohl


January 15

Give Peace A Chance

Sean Lennon


January 16

Lead Singer Joy Division

Died 18/5/80. Suicide by hanging (23)


January 17

Reckless Ways

Jim Carrey


January 18

Lead Singer Germs

Died 7/12/80. Suicide by intentional heroin suicide (22)


January 19

The Blues Brothers

Died 5/3/82. Cocaine and Heroin overdose (33)


January 20


Paul Stanley


January 21


Edwin Starr, World Hug Day


January 22

Bassist, The Pretenders

Died 14/4/83. Heroind overdose (30)


January 23

Lead Singer, Thin Lizzy

Died 4/1/86. Complications of Heroin/Alcohol Addiction (36)


January 24

Multinstrumentalist, Lead Singer,

The Band

Died 4/3/86. Suicide by hanging (42)


January 25

Lead Singer of Ska Band, No Doubt

Died 21/12/87. Suicide by Gunshot (18)


January 26

Underneath The Colours

Aboriginal Suicide Rates


January 27

Guitarist, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Died 25/6/88. Heroin overdose (26)


Janaury 28

Lead Singer, Mother Love Bone

Died 19/3/90. Overdosed to Heroin (24 G)


January 29

Died 6/12/90. Heroin Overdose (42)


January 30

Bitter Tears



January 31

Lead Singer, Small Faces, Humble Pie

Died 20/4/91. Burnt in house (44)


MH 2020

Mental Health | Michael Hutchence


MH 2020

Mh Celebration

Mental Heath. Michael Hutchence